Using the Global Parameters to modify a specific feature of a part configuration

    *Example files for this tutorial are attached below.

If you have a part with a single feature that needs to change many times, you may find it easier to utilize Global Parameters.

First, create a new Global Parameters workspace:

Here, you can add several configurations with increasing lengths.

Save the global parameters workspace to a file, and leave it open. Create a new part, and add several configurations.

Enter the Global Parameters dialog to select the global parameters file you just created. Then, match each configuration to the corresponding configuration in the right-hand column.

Now, open the Equation Editor and add some new functions where variable D1 is of equation LENGTH and variable LENGTH is of equation Global (the global parameters you've made).

Make an extrusion of Depth = LENGTH. Now any time you change the configuration, the LENGTH changes based on the global parameter you established for that configuration.

This can even be utilized within the assembly space. For example, when you insert the subassembly your part is in, or the part, you can change the configuration:

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