How to make wrapped text using the Sheet Metal workspace

This article walks through creating wrapped text utilizing the Sheet Metal workspace.

To start create a Sheet Metal Loft that will have the shape of the wrapped text associated with it.

Once this Loft has been created. Change the Stock Thickness of the Sheet Metal part to a at least the depth of the wrapped text feature you are trying to create. Open this interface through the File menu: File>Properties>Sheet Metal Parameters.

Flatten the loft using the Unbend command. Click Select all bends then OK.

From here activate a 2D sketch on one of the faces of the unbent part. Add the desired text using the Sketch Text tool.

Deactivate the Sketch, Cut the text through the material, then Rebend the loft back into shape.  Save this part.

Open a new Parts workspace and open the Boolean Unite tool

Place the part in the workspace and modify the part till you have the desired result. This can be done by booleaning the Sheet Metal part with an existing part or drafted extrusions:

If you wish to extrude the text in the other direction, you can Boolean subtract the Sheet Metal part from a part instead of using Boolean Unite.

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