How to auto populate fields in my 2D drawing template

Templates can be use to help Alibre Design users save time by generating 2D Drawings that will auto-populate with information from a 3D model created in Alibre Design.

Here are the steps to set up the template and auto-populate a 2D drawing with information from a 3D model:

Set up a template:

Without M-files

  1. In your 3D model go to Application (Alibre logo) > Properties
  2. Under General in left hand side of the File Properties window  select the Part Data section.
  3. Fill the necessary fields
  4. Save the 3D model

With M-files

  1. In your 3D model go to Application (Alibre logo) > Properties
  2. Click the Meta Data option (blue card in the top right corner).
  3. Fill the necessary fields.
  4. Save your 3D model.

The next step is to create a 2D drawing template:

  1. Open a new 2D drawing workspace using a pre-made template or one from our template selection (also a blank sheet if desired).
  2. 4. Create / modify the template
  3. Activate sketch mode in the 2D drawing workspace.
  4. In the Sketch Figure box select the Field option 
  5. In the Field Text dialog box choose the Design Property Value option.
  6. Under Set Properties select the desired Value from the drop down menu and click in the desired position in the workspace and then click Apply.
  7. Do this with all the values that you need to insert.
  8. Save the drawing template.
  9. Finally create a drawing using the template
  10. Open a new 2D drawing
  11. In the New Sheet Properties window select the Browse... option under Template
  12. Search for your saved template and click OK.
  13. Then just create a drawing like you would normally.

If the fields are filled in correctly the template should auto-populate the 2D Dimensions correctly for you. If there are any errors, you may need to review the template to make sure that the fields have the correct information in them.

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