How to create and use a custom drawing template

You may wish to create your own drawing templates if the default drawing templates don't work for your requirements.

To create a custom template:

  1. Start a new Mechanical Drawing and select a standard template, or use a blank drawing.

  2. Right-click on an existing title-block line and select Explode Symbol to allow for editing of the existing title-block.

  3. If desired, add text with Fields and Labels:
    Do not use Note text for a template. Notes are for drawing annotations and do not persist in templates.
    • Right-click in the sheet and Activate Sketch on Sheet. Navigate to the Sketching tab.
    • Fields are a type of text field that prompt designers for information on creating a new sheet. It can also be associated with specific properties of the file via the associated dialog.
    • Labels are static text fields. Use these to create persistent text that won't change from drawing to drawing




        4.  If desired, add a logo or other images:   


                    If in a sketch, Deactivate Sketch, Navigate to the Sheets and Views tab.

                    Use the Image command to insert and image.




        5.  Save As and give your template a new name.

To use a custom template:


            When you create a new Mechanical Drawing, you can click on the Browse button in the New Sheet Properties dialog to select your template file. This will open up your custom template. Once selected, this will become your default template for future drawings unless you decide to change back to one of the standard templates.

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