M-Files: How to update my license for M-Files Vault?

        Please Note: This add-on is no longer supported (no new licenses or updates will be released)

First, you will need to bring up your Alibre Vault serial number and license key. To find this information, please open https://legacy.alibre.com/accountinfo/summary.aspx and log in with your username and password. Toward the bottom of the page you will see a section on the Alibre Vault license key, as shown below. Click on the link in the sentence and it will show your serial number and license key:


This will be used to reactivate your Alibre Vault license. To update your license you will need to open the M-Files Server Administrator. To access the Server Administrator, go to Start>All Programs>M-Files>M-Files Server Administrator. Once the Server Administrator is open, click on Local Computer in the navigation pane, then select License Management from the right side.        

In the next window, select Install License and it will prompt you to enter your serial number and license key from the webpage we opened earlier, which can just be copied and pasted into the License Management window. Click OK and it will update your license and reactivate your account for Alibre Vault.

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