How do I configure Alibre Design to Activate via a Proxy Server?

From version 2017.1 Alibre Design includes an option to specify details of a Proxy Server used for internet access - previously our licence activation has not worked for some customers where a Proxy Server is used.

To configure the system it is necessary to add a configuration file to the following (hidden) directory  C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Alibre Design         - where <username>  represents your Windows Login name.

A skeleton configuration file is attached below - you will have to edit this file to add the details of the proxy server on your network (your IT team should be able to provide the required information).  A text editing program (e.g. Notepad) can be used to edit the file.

The skeleton file contents is shown here





Between the XML start and end tags on each line, you should place the information matching the tag name.

So your first line could look something like     <ProxyIP></ProxyIP>      the IP address for your proxy will differ from the example here

Depending upon the specific arrangements of the Proxy Server, some lines of the file may remain unchanged.

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