Off-line Activation and how to use it

Off-line activation provides an alternative to direct internet connection from your computer to our licensing server, when activating or de-activating a license for the software.  Off-line licences offer identical functionality to node-locked on-line licenses, we simple use a different communication mechanism and extend the interval between compulsory re-activations.

Off-line activation requires more efforts to use, and involves a time delay whilst we process your requests - it is only recommended where internet access is never available for the computer running Alibre Design.  If your internet connection is made via a proxy server we have an alternate solution.  If a Firewall is preventing on-line activation, we can help you to resolve that.  Short term use away from internet connectivity is possible using our on-line node-locked activation.

If you decide that Off-line activation is for you - contact whoever you purchased Alibre Design from to discuss the switch.  Some changes will need to me made to your license to work optimally in Off-line mode.

To activate off-line, launch Alibre Design - you should see a window similar to this

You MUST enter your activation code in the field - a partial or incorrect entry will result in only a trial activation being generated.  After entering your activation code, check the Use Offline Activation box - then click the Next button.   The following Window will appear.

Select the 'Generate Request' radio button - a long string of encrypted text will fill the box as shown below.

Copy the text - make sure to capture all of it (the text extends well beyond the extents of the box).  You should then paste the text into a file on a USB stick or use some other means to transfer it to a computer which has e-mail access. 

Send the copied text to Alibre Support or your reseller - after a while, you will receive back a processed encrypted piece of text - this is your activation certificate.

If you have left the activation dialogue open, simply select the Import offline activation certificate radio button then paste the certificate into the empty box.  

If you are re-launching Alibre Design to import your certificate, make sure to enter your activation code again at the first dialogue, and to check 'use offline activation' - then click Next.

Paste the certificate text into the box (the Exit button will change to 'Next).  Click Next.  You should receive an activation successful message.  Verify that Alibre Design behaves as your purchased version, and check that the maintenance expiry date is as expected (Help -> About Alibre Design -> License Key Status.

If the details are incorrect, or the software does not activate, contact Support for assistance.

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