How to create curved text

Creating text along a circle or an arc is not a feature that can be created natively in Alibre Design. The recommended process to achieve this is by using MOI, which can be downloaded here:

Detailed instructions are listed below:

1.  Open Moi

2.  Select Draw Solid -> Text

3.  Pick your Base Point, input your text, and hit Done

4.  Select Draw Curve -> Line, and draw a horizontal line underneath your text

5.  Next, Select Arc or Freeform and draw an Arc or Freeform curve

6.  Select your text, but do not select the horizontal line nor the Arc or Freeform curve

7.  Next, select Transform -> Deform -> Flow

8.  Click on the horizontal line, then click on the Arc or Freeform curve

9.  Once the text has populated the Arc or Freeform curve, click Done. Then, select and delete all but the newly curved text

10. Now, select the curved text, and go to File -> Export, and export a STP file.

11. Import the STP file into Alibre, and now it can be used w/ the project a sketch tool to create a sketch figure that can be used for further feature creations

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