3D Geometry Terminology

It is important to be familiar with this terminology as it is used extensively in the user interface and documentation. There are two categories of geometry:

Reference Geometry

Reference geometry is used to aid in the construction of 3D objects. By default there are 3 Planes (XY, YZ, ZX), 3 Axes (X, Y, Z), and an Origin (at 0,0,0). Additional planes, axes, and points can be created as needed. Reference geometry does not affect a model in any way (for example, the mass of a part) - it only aids in the creation of a 3D model. There are 4 types of reference geometry:

  • Plane
  • Axis
  • Origin
  • Point

Model Geometry

Model geometry represents the actual 3D model that has been created. There are 3 types of model geometry:

  • Edge
  • Vertex
  • Face

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