Download the file:

Alibre Design 2018 or later is required to view this file. The download is located at the bottom left of this page.

What is it?

A simple connector part.

Things to look at:

  • Drag the Dogbone  up and down the Design Explorer to see the various stages of part creation.
  • Right click Sketch <2> from the Design Explorer and click Edit. Notice that the bottom of the sketch was projected from the top edge of Extrude <1>. This means that if we change the base (Extrude <1>) shape, it will automatically update here too. The  symbol means an item has been projected from another part of the model and that it will update if the source changes.

  • Note that we've kept our fillets and chamfers till the end. This is a best practice and should be used when possible.
  • Note that when you edit any of the sketches, all of the sketch figures are gray - this indicates they are fully defined (they cannot be moved since their position in space is fully defined with dimensions and/or constraints). This is a best practice and should be used when possible. If your figures are not gray, it is possible you are using another color scheme or have disabled Toggle DOF Colors, an option on the Sketching toolbar that is visible when you are in Sketch Mode:
  • Note that we use a Feature Mirror to decrease the amount of work, taking advantage of symmetry in the model.

How to create your own variation:

  1. Open the part file
  2. Right click > Edit on various items in the Design Explorer to modify the dimensions used in sketches and features.
    1. Also, try double clicking directly on the 3D model - for example, if you double click a fillet, the fillet dialog will open. If you double click an extrusion, its base sketch will open for editing.
  3. Remember that after you edit something, the Dogbone  will right under the edited item. This means the rest of the features below the Dogbone are not shown. You can either drag the Dogbone down the Design Explorer or press F5 to regenerate the part.

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