Lofted connection

Download the file:

Alibre Design 2018 or later is required to view this file. The download is located at the bottom left of this page.

What is it?

A lofted connector connecting a circular tube with an irregularly shaped second end.

Things to look at:

  • Drag the Dogbone  up and down the Design Explorer to see the various stages of part creation.
  • Notice the loft was created with two 2D sketches for the end profiles and two 3D sketches for the guide curves that connect the profiles.


  • Note that we built our fillets into the 2D sketch profile prior to lofting it. While geometry dependent, building important geometry into loft sketches rather than relying on downstream operations can yield better results.
  • Note that we've kept our fillets and chamfers till the end. This is a best practice and should be used when possible.

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