Curved grill

Download the file:

Alibre Design 2018 or later is required to view this file. The download is located at the bottom left of this page.

What is it?

A slotted sheet metal grill.

Things to look at:

  • Drag the Dogbone  up and down the Design Explorer to see the various stages of part creation.
  • Notice that we build the general shape prior to adding the slots
  • Note that prior to creating the slots, a Bend feature operation is performed, and that after the slots are created we perform an Unbend feature. The Bend/Unbend features are different from the Flat Pattern button in that they are used during construction to temporarily change the geometry of the part into the flattened or unflattened state. The Flat Pattern button does not affect geometry and is used as a temporary view so you can spot check interferences.

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