Import points from a CSV file, rotate them, and connect into a polyline

This script requires modification before it will function. You must replace the CSV file and directory with your own. The script assumes units are in mm. If your workspace is set to a different unit, the imported sketch may also appear scaled.

What this script does:

  • Opens a CSV file of the format (x,y with no headers)
    • 00
  • Rotates the points by a defined amount around a rotation point:
    • # configuration
      angle = 45
      rotationpoint = [15.0, 0.0]
      # file to import, replace with your own example
      csvfile = r'C:\temp\sample.csv'
  • Creates a new part and creates a sketch with a poly line through the rotates sketch points

# imports a set of 2D points from a csv file, rotates them and then
# adds them to a 2D sketch with lines connecting the points
# specify which libraries we are going to use
import csv
import math
# configuration
angle = 45
rotationpoint = [15.0, 0.0]
# file to import, replace with your own example
csvfile = r'C:\temp\sample.csv'
# rotates a point around another point
# passed is the angle, the point to rotate and the origin of the rotation
# copied from
def rotate2d(degrees,point,origin):
  x = point[0] - origin[0]
  yorz = point[1] - origin[1]
  newx = (x*math.cos(math.radians(degrees))) - (yorz*math.sin(math.radians(degrees)))
  newyorz = (x*math.sin(math.radians(degrees))) + (yorz*math.cos(math.radians(degrees)))
  newx += origin[0]
  newyorz += origin[1] 
  return newx,newyorz
# list of points, empty for now
# points will be stored as [x1,y1, x2,y2, ... ,xn,yn]
points = []
# open csv file
f = open(csvfile)
# create csv reader and read in lines
reader = csv.reader(f)
for row in reader:
  # column 0 contains x, column 1 contains y
  x = float(row[0])
  y = float(row[1])
  # rotate point and add to list of points
  points.extend(rotate2d(angle, [x, y], rotationpoint))
# finished with csv file
# show number of points found
print 'Found %d points' % (len(points) / 2)
# create part
MyPart = Part('My Part')
# add sketch on XY plane
PointSketch = MyPart.AddSketch('Point Sketch', MyPart.GetPlane('XY-Plane'))
# add points with lines connecting them
PointSketch.AddLines(points, False)

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