Step 1 (Option B): Simplified Installation of Network Daemon

Who should use this document

You should use this installation process if you prefer a simpler and more guided installation. This installation path uses Oracle VirtualBox. You are are responsible for proper licensing of all Virtual Machine software, where applicable.

  • If you require total control over the setup process or prefer to use a different virtual machine, please choose the Manual Installation.


The Network License Server is a local server, running on a virtual machine, whose purpose is to manage the licenses of client applications running on a local area network (LAN.)  This LAN may or may not be connected to the Internet.

Hardware Requirements

You must have a computer with an IP address on your internal network that can be resolved by all machines that will be consuming a license. This computer must be capable of running a virtual machine.

Note: The server's IP address must be static. It is strongly advised that you set the machine's IP address to not be dynamically allocated. The process for this is dependent on your network, OS, etc.

Software Configuration

1. Download the components

  1. The VirtualBox VM software (you are responsible for proper licensing if applicable to you)
  2. The pre-configured disk image


2. Install and open VirtualBox

  1. Find the VirtualBox VM software you downloaded and double click it to install on the machine that will serve as the network license machine.
  2. Open the software after installation. Your screen should show this:

3. Install the Disk Image

  1. In Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager, select the File menu and then select Import Appliance

  2. Find the second item you download, Nalpeiron Virtualbox - Fresh Install - Centos 6.5, and click Open.
  3. Select Next.

  4. Ensure your Network Adapter is checked on and click Import.

  5. The disk image should be loaded and should say Powered Off

4. Power on the image and finish installation

  1. Right click the Nalpeiron License Server Fresh... item and select Start > Normal Start

  2. Click OK on the error message

  3. Close the notifications so you can view the console:

  4. You are now at the console prompt for a login:

  5. Login:
    Enter   root    and press enter
    When prompted for the password, enter    nalpeirondaemon

  6. After a successful login, you will see the following screen:

  7. Select Devices > Network > Network Settings...

  8. Select Attached to: and select Bridged Adapter. Under the Name field, select your network adapter.
  9. Press OK.

  10. You are returned to the console. Type    reboot    and press enter.

  11. Enter the login credentials again as in step 5 above.

  12. Type    ifconfig -a    and press enter. You will see some information. You are looking for inet addr. Make a note of the numbers that come after it. This is the IP address of the server.

4. Test installation

Go to your browser and type in the IP address found in the step above. You should see the Nalpeiron admin login screen.

Next Step: Configuring the Network Daemon Administrator Panel

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