Step 3: Install Products


Now that you have the server installed and licensed, you need to add products to the server. 

What you need before proceeding

Alibre will send you a set of information you will need to enter into the Admin panel of the license server. You may receive one or multiple different combinations of information you will need to input. The data will look something like this:

CustomerID: ####,     ProductID: ####,   LicenseCode: #### #### ### #####

If you do not have this information, please contact your reseller or

  1. Log into the admin panel and go to the License page
  2. Add a product definition
    Under Product Licenses, select Enter Product Info from the dropdown and click the orange arrow.
  3. Enter the CustomerID and ProductId you received from Alibre and press OK. A new line should appear under Product Licenses that will have the CustID and ProdID populated.
    1. (Option A) - Request a license online if your server is connected to the Internet
      1. For that new line item, select Get License Online (if your license server is connected
      2. Enter the license key associated with the ProductID and CustomerID you received.
      3. Your license should be fetched, and will populate the expiry, Net Seats, etc.
    2. (Option B) - Request a license through the offline mechanism
      1. If your license server is not connected to the Internet, select Create License Request and press the orange arrow.
      2. Enter the license key associated with your CustomerID and ProductID
      3. You are presented with an activation request certificate. Select and copy the string of characters.
      4. Somehow transfer this string to a computer with Internet access. For example, create a new TXT file, paste the string in, and save it to a USB drive.
      5. On a computer with Internet access, navigate to and paste the string you got from step 3 into the dialog and press Activate.

      6. You will be presented with a new string. This new string is your certificate. Copy it to a new text file on a USB and transfer the USB back to the license server computer.

      7. Select Import Certificate from the line item you just created and press the orange arrow.

      8. Enter your license key

      9. Enter your certificate

      10. You should see a status of Authorized. You may see an error notifying you of a failure. As long as the Status is Authorized, you can ignore this message.

  4. You have now installed the license for a product. Please note the Net Seats value and ensure it seems correct. For example, if you purchased 5 seats of a product, this number should be 5.

Next step: Add accounts for end users

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