Step 6: License individual machines under local network license


You have done the following:

  1. Installed a local server
  2. Licensed the local server
  3. Added products to the local server
  4. Licensed products on the local server
  5. Created user accounts
  6. Created XML files for each user account

Now, we will finish setup by installing and licensing Alibre Design on end-user machines.

  1. Install Alibre Design onto a machine
  2. Insert a copy of the XML file for the end user into %localappdata%\Alibre Design
    1. Click Start > Run and paste  %localappdata%\Alibre Design , then press enter
      An example of where this might take you is C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Alibre Design
    2. Copy the XML file into this directory
  3. Start Alibre Design
  4. Enter netseat into the license key field
  5. Press enter. The software will query the XML file for the IP address of the license server, the username, and password, and pass the information of the license request to the license server. 
  6. The product will then start.

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