Drop Down Lists

Demonstrates how to create a drop-down list in a dialog window.  Also shows how to obtain the selection when it is changed and when the user confirms the settings in the window.

import glob
import os
import re

# default diameter to show
DefaultDiameter = 'M6'

# called when an input changes in the dialog window
def InputChanged(Index, Value):
  # size changed
  if Index == 0:
    Size = DiameterNames[Value]
    print Size

# called when user confirms selections
def SelectionMade(Values):
  # get values
  Size = DiameterNames[Values[0]]
  print Size

# get access to windows functionality
Win = Windows()

# list of diameters to choose from
DiameterNames = ['M6', 'M8', 'M10', 'M12']

# create dialog window
Options = []
Options.append(['Size', WindowsInputTypes.StringList, DiameterNames, DefaultDiameter])

# show dialog window to user
DialogWidth = 400
Win.UtilityDialog('Test', 'Apply', SelectionMade, InputChanged, Options, DialogWidth)

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