Windows 10 October Update [1809] causing Red X in Ribbon

Alibre has learned that the Windows 10 October 2018 Update [1809] will cause errors with Alibre Design. We recommend not installing this Windows update until this issue has been resolved.

How this Windows update affects Alibre Design:

Alibre received reports that a few customers who installed this update saw two primary issues:

  • The ribbon interface in some workspaces is blanked out and unusable
  • Actions that involve the File Explorer, such as Save or Open, can cause an error

For users that have already installed this update:

If you are on current maintenance, please update to Alibre Design 2018.2.0 and once installed, go to System Options>Display>General and uncheck the Use Glass Mode for Ribbon checkbox and click OK.

If you are not on maintenance and updated to Windows 10 [1809] recently, please revert back to the previous Windows Update [1803]

This can be done by going to Settings -> Update & Security -> Recovery, then selecting the "Go back to the previous version of Windows 10" option.

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