How to Create Custom View Orientations for 2D drawings

This article will instruct you on how to create custom view orientations of your 3D models.  

You can create custom orientations if you are needing to place non-default views of your model on to a 2D drawing.

In the part or Assembly workspace, rotate the part to your preferred view. Then, click the Viewing and Analysis tab in the Ribbon and click the Manage View Orientations button:

In the Orientations dialog, click Add, create a name for your custom view and click OK. 

Confirm that your custom view orientation has been added to the list of Orientations:

Close the Orientations dialog and save your file. Then you can right click on the model name in the Design Explorer and click Make Drawing of this Design.

Now when you go to the Standard Views Dialog in 2D Drawing, you will click on Workspace Orientation and Select your custom view from the list of Orientations. 

Click Set and it will then become your Front View as shown in the Preview window on the dialog. 

You can now close out of the Orientations Window, select or deselect your other View selections and Press OK. Then you will place your custom view(s) on the sheet. 

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