Regenerating Design Configurations

When modeling with multiple Configurations it is important to realize that as features are created in an active Configuration that the features for inactive Configurations are also created but may be initially suppressed.


How to Set the Update Activated Configuration Option

1.  Press the Alt key on the keyboard and navigate to Features > Updated Active Configuration. Enabling this option will let Alibre Design automatically compute all newly added features when a configuration is switched from an inactive to active state. 

If the option is enabled and a configuration is set to active, it will automatically be computed up to the Feature History bar position in the configuration being edited. The Feature History bar will be in the same position for all configurations

If the option is disabled and a configuration is set to active, no new features will be computed. The Feature History bar will be located below the last valid feature in the newly active configuration. This is useful for modifying data that does not require feature recognition such as Property Data.

NOTE: When this option is disabled, the position of the Feature History bar can vary greatly between each configuration.

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