Missing Design Configurations

It is important to exercise caution when deleting Configurations, as they may be used by assembly components.

How to Open a Design with Missing Configurations

1.  Open an assembly file. An error message will be displayed similar to the image below.

2. Click the OK button. The assembly will continue to open. The following changes will take place in the Design Explorer:

  • Component names will be dimmed with a question mark over the icon

  • Missing configuration names will be present in the configurations tree with an X over the icon

  • No configurations will be marked as active and all configurations icons will be in inactive states

  • No representations of components with missing configurations will be shown in the work area

NOTE: If a configuration is missing from a component in a subassembly of a root assembly, only the first indicator listed above will be seen for that component. The component name will appear dimmed and will have a question mark over the icon. No Configuration tree will appear under the component.

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