Assembly Holes

The Assembly Hole command is used to create holes through entire assemblies or through selected parts in an assembly. In this example two parts, a flange and a section of a pipe, which will be assembled together using a weld and holes drilled through the welded parts will be used. An assembly hole is useful for this part by keeping the intent of the design intact while enabling the holes to be drilled through the part as it was meant to be assembled.


How to Create Hole Features in an Assembly

1. Open an assembly.

2. Select the Hole tool in the Cut (Remove Material) section of the Features tab.

3. The Insert Hole dialog box will be displayed. Select the surface of the part on the ZX plane and set the depth of the hole to 55 mm and the diameter to 20 mm. Set the Depth Condition to Blind.

4. Click the Target Instances input box and select the two parts.   

5. Select the Insert Hole tool in the Hole Tools tab.

6. Click to create holes in the part and dimension them using the Standard Dimension tool.

7. Click the OK button in the Insert Hole dialog box to create the holes. Note that in this example the hole goes through the flange part entirely and partially through the pipe part.

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