How to Run the Verbose Log for Install Trouble

1.  Copy the installer executable (AlibreDesignV22_setup_x64_22.0.0.22044.exe) to some folder.  For example, a newly created folder on your desktop or your Downloads folder will work.


2. Open a Command Prompt.  This can be done by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard and typing in “cmd” (without the quotation marks) and pressing Enter.



3.  In the Command Prompt window, you will want to change directory to the folder that the installer is in.  This can be done by typing "cd" then the directory path. 

For Example, cd c:\users\<username>\Downloads



4.  Next, input the below command line, and press Enter.  

         AlibreDesignV22_setup_x64_22.0.0.22044.exe  /L*V    "AlibreInstall.log"  


The Alibre Design Install Wizard will then open.  Progress through the installation until it is completed, or an error is encountered.

The verbose log file AlibreInstall.log will be created in the folder, and you can send it to for diagnosis.





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